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Through a dedicated volunteer network, Junior Achievement (JA) of Delaware offers in-school and after-school experiences for students in grades K-12.  JA experiences focus on seven key content areas: business, citizenship, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics/character, financial literacy, and career development. Junior Achievement of Delaware serves all three counties in the State of Delaware, as well as, Cecil and Salem counties in Maryland and New Jersey respectively.

 Volunteer-Led In-School

Junior Achievement provides structured interactions around fully-developed curriculum lessons that are presented in a classroom setting with a defined start and end with prescribed roles and timelines for adults and students.

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 JA Summer Academy

In the JA Summer Academy, students meet kids from other schools and work with students from other grade levels as the develop leadership, presentation, and organizational skills in a fun and unique setting.

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JA Learning Lab

Junior Achievement provides an immersive, experiential learning environment for students to apply what they learned in class to real-world and real-life scenarios.

JA BizTown

JA Finance Park

Career & College Readiness

Junior Achievement provides a range of experiences that prepare students for college as well as their future careers – from helping students identify careers that may suit them given their interests and passions, to enabling students to interact with successful business leaders.

JA Innovation Hub/JA Career Search>>>JA CAREER FUSION!

JA Future Leaders Roundtable

JA Career Challenge

JA Ambassadors

JA Ambassadors engage in accelerated Junior Achievement experiences to strengthen skills, hone the direction of their lives and careers, and build relationships with potential employers.  This support can prove helpful as students navigate decisions that will shape their future.

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JA Job Shadow

Junior Achievement’s local business partners would like to meet students and provide workplace tours for young people who have expressed interest in and have demonstrated a high probability for success in their particular business or industry.  JA Reverse Job Shadow >>>JA CAREER FUSION! takes place at the JA Campus and includes all the pre and post lessons in one day.

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